French in 6B

Today we’re in French, like every normal fabulous Friday. As usual we start with a little French quiz to warm up our brains and test our French knowledge. There is a lovely piece of French music played after this and some artwork from famous French artists or pictures of certain places in France shown during the music. We also say the names off the song and the pictures, also getting us into the French mood. Following on from this we look at the Les defis savour (the learning challenge) this helps us see our French targets for the day. We do a number of things in different lessons but today we started where we left off last time, French questions and the answers to them. I bet your thinking he’s forgotten about French dates well I haven’t, that’s now. We say what date it is today, tomorrow and yesterday. Next is birthday time! We sing happy birthday to anyone who’s birthday is in the present week (in French obviously). So there you have it the first part of the French lessons in 6B I hope you got a vague idea of what it’s like inside 6B’s classroom on a Friday. Oh and I nearly forgot we learn all these things from the great Madam Underwood and the also the help from a French lady named, Madmoiselle Dobourg. Thank you for reading my writing about French in 6B be sure to expect more and always remember to keep speaking French !!

Numbers in French

Like every French lesson we have done our French numbers today, 80 (quarante-vingt) was our target for this Friday, we achieved our target by making sure we were dedicated to achieving our goal. Madam Underwood encouraged us and urged us on this is what made us successful. So yeah there you have it numbers in French.