In the juniors and infants we have a library, the junior librarian is called Mrs.Place she is nice and when you get to y4 she will start speaking French to you and I am kind of getting used to it now. 🙂


Science in 5a

In science today we were learning about life_cycles as it is our new science topic. We watched some videos and then put the video and powerpoint into our own words and then drew pictures to go with the writing. We did a life-cycle of an amphibian, which was a frog, and one of an insect, which was a butterfly.


On a Friday we do French after lunch, lots of children in class 5a ( my class ) have been doing research about France or something like that. I really enjoy French and even when we are not in French lessons we try an do as much French as possible in class. 🙂


Children in need

For children in need this year the children will be allowed to wear any spotty clothes because of Pudsey. In school council we discussed that the children need to bring to bring at least £1 but if everyone brought £2 then the school will have made at least £1000. We are very excited and thank you.

School Council

Every year each class has to elect 2 school councilers one boy and one girl. So then they go to meetings every week and discuss how to make the school a better place. I am on the school council committee and so far we have had some good ideas, remember if you go to our school please talk to your class school councilers about any ideas.