Delancey’s Chess League In Full Swing !

Since January 2017 Mr McDowell has organised the annual chess league competition sponsored by Delancey’s with the entry fee paid by our PTA.
The best 30 players from school have been competing using our new chess sets ( also provided by the PTA ) for the title of chess champion of the whole school.
This year we have had a record number of girls enter ( 6 ) to compete equally with other pupils from y3,Y4,Y5 and Y6. Anyone reaching 17 points automatically qualifies for the Megafinal .

Loss Property Trolley Overflowing !

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There are a lot of decent clothes items on this trolley without names on them . We will keep the good quality uniform items to recycle within school but anything else not claimed before Friday 6th March 2015 will be bagged and donated to our PTA’ clothes drive ‘ on Tuesday 10th March 2015 . Please come into school and claim what is yours .

Sidney Visits DPS To Thank Our Children

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Sidley , the teddy bear mascot for Once Upon A Smile , visited our school assembly to say a special thank you to the children across the whole school for raising £456 (approx) for this local charity who work with families dealing with loss.
Sidney was very shy and needed to be encouraged to come into the hall . As you can see from the selfie , Mr McDowell is also very shy and hugged Sidley for comfort as they posed for a picture.

School Holidays – A Decision .

Thank you to all those parents and carers who took part in our recent on line ‘ Monkey Survey’ – it is important to remember that it wasn’t a vote but an attempt to get an indication of what our families were thinking about the controversial issue of school holidays .
The Governors and I really appreciated the feedback , particularly as it was at such short notice. In any case it was as we anticipated , a divisive subject and one on which we will not all be able to agree on. Taking all the factors in to account the Governors have decided to follow the template suggested by Trafford and adopted by many of our secondary school partners.
Copies of the new list will be posted on our website soon , thank you for your patience with this issue and your continued support . I recently praised all of our carers , parents grannies and grandads in getting the children to school and on time through the very difficult period before Christmas when there was a lot of sickness around – well done !

Preparing For Snow Fun …Mr McDowell’s Curse !

Before I begin I should warn you all that ‘ my curse’ has ensured , over the years , that there will be no quality snow to fall on Davyhulme Primary School once I have given you the advice on how to prepare for snow at school. The only way to avoid this is for you all to remember the advice for every winter to come in the future and then I won’t have to give my speech at assembly and you will all be ready to enjoy the snow at school.
In the event of good quality snow falling , you all need to :
* Check local weather forecasts.
* Bring a spare pair of wellies ,boots or old shoes or trainers.
* Bring an extra pair of warm socks.
* Have fun – no snowballs aimed at heads or faces and only have snowball fights with those you agree to do them with.

Snow Fun At D.P.S.

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On Friday 30th January 2015 a lucky group of children were able to go on the field and play in the ‘ ever shrinking ‘ snow. These were the lucky ones who listened carefully to the message they were given in assembly the day before and so they were able to bring a change of footwear , spare socks and warm clothing which meant that they could enjoy the modest snow fall on our field and build a snowman .