Awesome new ipads!

The week before last, the classes 6A and 6B got a really good idea of what it is like to use the new apple iPads! Firstly, Mr Parkinson handed out the iPads as we chose a partner to work with (in my case Ethan).

Next Mr Parkinson told us that because our literacy topic was superheros we could make a superhero movie trailer using the schools new ipads. We could all tell that this would be more enjoyable than ordinary lessons (we were right in so many ways). Then we all got to work, it was really fun, in fact it was the best lesson of the day! You could choose what attitude you can have acting as A superhero and the way you act as one. Me and Ethan  had a fantastic time and so did everyone else!

At the end of the lesson we were allowed to watch a movie that ended up really good. You could tell that everyone was sad when the lesson was over. I hope you have a brilliant time on the new ipads just like me!