First Y5 Freedom Friday! Great!!!

Freedom Friday was really fun. We had drama with Miss Burns first, I enjoyed it so much! Then after lunch we had kick cricket with MrMcGrath. Our team won! Yey! Last we had french. ;D


1 thought on “First Y5 Freedom Friday! Great!!!

  1. My 100 word challenge
    I went to the pie shop and I bought a pie but the man said,’you need to pay two more pounds’ so I said,’listen mate that pie isn’t made of gold’ so off I took it behaving very bold!
    He said,’wait!If you don’t pay, the police will put you in jail for a day!’
    So I ate the pie and it flew in my eye then it rolled out of the shop and I followed it with a skip and a hop!
    A word to the brave always check your pie and behave!
    Lucas 5A.

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