Longest whale song book review by Sara

Recently I have been reading a book called ‘the longest whale song’ by Jacqueline Wilson (a popular children’s author).

Its about a girl called Ella and her mum is having a baby.Her mum and dad split up and she has a stepdad called Jack who is really mean to her and bosses her about a lot.After her mum has the baby she ends up in a coma in the hospital.Ella skips lots of days off school to go and see her mum but after a few weeks of waiting, mum is still the same as she started out.Meanwhile, at Ella’s school she’s havinga loads of friendship problems with her best friend ,Sally, because while Ella was off school when she was seeing her mum, Sally has gone off and played with some other girls in her class and when Ella gets back she is all alone.

The baby is called Samson and is really cute! At the moment Samson is being taken to a childminder for the day while Jack is at work and Ella is at school.

This book is really interesting, I really recommend it to you!

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  1. Love the review it is a very great book and Jacqueline Wilson is my favourite author!

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