‘Road to London by Barbara Mitchelhill’ Book review by Lauren

Hi blogger! what book are you reading at the moment? I’m reading the road to London by Barbra Michellhill it is really good. Its about a boy called Thomas that runs away from home to seek his fortune with William Shakespeare on the way he meets a girl called Alice whose mum lives in London  when they arrive there Thomas goes to act in William’s plays and Alice starts work for a man. The man is evil though and sells poison and somebody is planning to kill the queen but Alice  Thomas , William and ma have a plan to stop him …..

Reasons why you should read it :

  • It has lots of cliff hangers in it.
  • It is funny
  • you wont  be able  to stop reading it

I hope you have enjoyed my book review about the road to London.

from Lauren 🙂 x