A Character Description of Little Red Riding Hood

Jack in 2B has done an amazing piece of writing. He was asked to write a character description of Little Red Riding Hood. Jack worked really hard to use some super similes and adjectives. He was our ‘Goal Scorer’ of the week for his fantastic writing. Well done Jack! Miss Brookes.

Little Red Riding Hood is a stubborn, little girl. She lives in a candy and chocolate coloured house on the edge of the deep, dark wood.

Little Red Riding Hood wears a red and white gingham dress and she has brown, flowing locks like chocolate in a tornado. She also wears a red, silky bonnet and she has brown, muddy, tough boots and rosy, red cheeks like strawberries.

Little Red Riding Hood is mischievous because she says, ‘Do I have to take the groceries to grandmas’s?’ Also, she is daring because she hits the wolf on the nose! She is curious because she wants to find out who the silky voice belongs to in the deep, dark wood.