Trapped… Story By Harriet Myers

As I woke I stretched and yawned. Suddenly I found I was no longer in my room any more, but I was lying on the floor of a strange, unknown house I had never been in before. Was this a dream still? Or was I actually awake? Well, I got up anyway and immediatly began to explore. Soon, however, I would find I was not actually the only person here.

I entered what seemed to be the kitchen and gasped as soon as I looked around. Hanging on the wall, in pride of place, was a whole row of sparkling, sharp knives. I wonder who lives here, and what are all the knives for? Was someone out to get me? Questions whizzed through my mind. All of them unanswered. As quick as a cheetah I headed straight for the door. It was covered in cobwebs and the door knob was stiff, yet it opened eventually. This led me through to an empty room, which obviously hadn’t been used in a long time. Also a some how sinister looking mirror draped the wall and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a reflection. Not mine though. Luckily, as I turned around to get a better look nothing seemed to be there. All the time however, I could feel someone or something watching my every move.

At that minute I panicked. Where the door had used to be was just a white wall, the same as all the other walls. It was definately there a minute ago. Where could it have gone? It had just seemed to have vanished. There was something very strange about this place, I could feel it. First of all I wake up here. Why?? Then I find razor sharp knives and that was just one room, I dread to think what I might find in the others! Also I am seeing faces in mirrors. Now I am trapped…