A Team Match Reports vs Flixton and St Monicas by Alex

The first game was against Flixton Juniors. It was a hard fought game, which ended  in a score line of 4-2 to Davyhulme.  First , Davyhulme scored with a great goal. It was only a matter of time before Davyhulme made it two! We soon conceded, but we made sure they didn’t catch us by scoring another goal! Unfortunately, they countered us again and scored a goal despite the efforts of our outstanding keeper Dominic. Hallam soon ran into the box hitting the ball hard and low into the corner! That was when the full time whistle went. Another great win for Davyhulme, thanks to goals by Nathan, Marcus and Hallam!

The second games was against St Monicas.  This was a fiercely competitive game, with both sides challenging for the ball, yet our defence was strong and we held our formation and shape. Our keeper Dominic made a brilliant save in the first half that kept us in the game! The second half was tough, as they got a few shots  in at goal! Luckily, Dominic made some more brilliant saves! A few minutes to time up they got a penalty, Josh taking out a member of the opposing team on the edge of the penalty area! Fortunately, that didn’t matter as much because Marcus had previously scored a brilliant goal, putting Davyhulme  aheadl! All the pressure was on Dominic. Could he do it? He could! He was angry that he had conceded earlier and used that to his advantage. He knew where it was going and stopped the ball in its tracks! Dominic deserved man of the match and that is what he got! It was an altogether amazing performance from Davyhulme, giving us the maximum points available!

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  1. Alax that was a great match come on davyhulme lets win that tourdement.

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