Davyhulme vs OLOR and Kingsway Match Report by Josh

Davyhulme vs kingsway

Davyhulme didn’t take long to score their first goal of the new season. A surging run down the right flank by Josh, players in the box anticipating a cross. The cross came, only to find a Kingsway body, it was an own goal. Though Kingsway managed a comeback, a smooth finish from Dean. At half-time the scores were level. Both teams came back out strong. A rocket of a shot from Kieran sent Davyhulme on the road to victory. Davyhulme looked comfortable until a costly error gave Kingsway a chance to intercept, and so they did. On the counter could they score, in a compacted space? Kingsway’s Josh managed to dink it round Davyhulmes number 1 Dominic.

Davyhulme were dominating into the closing stages pushing for a winner a Josh header came close, as did an unlucky effort from Alex. But                                                                                                     no-one could find it,  the final score 2-2.

Davyhulme vs Our Ladies

The game started evenly, a fairly open game. Shots at both ends of the pitch. Though just before half time a weaving run by Josh with a shot at the end of it put Davyhulme in front going into the break.  In the second half Our Ladies started well, looking for that precious equaliser, though nobody could score. Though Our Ladies were determined they could win.  Davyhulme looked comfortable in possession. Linking brilliant strings of passes together, involving a move all the way across the back to Nathan to Marcus to Joe to Jake to Hallam to Alex this then set up a brilliant attacking move. But could they Score?  Our Ladies keeper Matthew came charging out to close down the danger.  A brilliant curving shot from Alex King, straight in the top corner a last gasp winner with 4 seconds left on the clock. What a win for Davyhulme.

A brilliant start to the season for Davyhulme, a win and a draw let’s keep It up lads!

1 thought on “Davyhulme vs OLOR and Kingsway Match Report by Josh

  1. Josh,
    This is a very well written match report. You clearly thought hard about your audience, and what they would want to know, and produced a really effective piece of writing as a result. I felt a real sense of excitement while I was reading it, and was really keen to find out how each match developed as I read on. There’s some clever use of rhetorical questions in there, and some top vocabulary choices, too. Keep up the good work! I can sense that I am going to need to encourage my players to get involved here, and to submit some match reports of their own – we can keep the inter-school competition alive both on and off the pitch! Looking forward to the FJS vs. D’hulme matches later in the year. See you there.

    Mr Speedie, FJS.


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