Lostock indoor girls football league

1st game   Davyhulme vs Moss Park

It started fast and furious the game was end to end. Ella got the ball, passed to Katie, great pass from Katie to Holly who scored her first amazing goal [easy].

Final score 1-0

2nd game Davyhulme vs St Theresas

Another action packed game with Rachel hitting the post a couple of times. And great defending from Annie and Abbey. Isabel made some brave saves. St Theresas scored a good goal in the second half.

Final score 0-1

3rd game Davyhulme vs St Michaels

St Michaels were a strong team, it was hard to break them down, but Maises great pass to Holly helped her score her 2nd great goal (well done Holly)

Final score 1-0

4th game Davyhulme vs St Hughes

Hard fought game Katie,Rachel and Masie all had near misses, eventually St Hughes scored a really good goal from a corner.

Final score 1-0

5th game Davyhulme vs Victoria Park

Energetic performance all round,Annie and Abbey being brick wall defenders. Ella scored a goal but it was disallowed for a foot in the semicircle bad luck.

final score 0-0

p.s Mr.P fell of the bench in front of everyone hee hee.








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  1. So proud of my 2 Grandaughters Holly and Annie, Well done the rest of the Team

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