International Week

On Friday, as part of our international celebrations, the kitchen staff very kindly prepared les galettes des rois for some of the children to sample. The French tradition of serving a special gateaux known as ‘La galette des rois’ (kings’ cake) on or around 6th January – the festival of the Epiphany – dates back to the 14th century. The cake takes its name from the biblical three kings. This is a simple dessert made from puff pastry and almond cream which proved very popular with the children!
Meanwhile, our Dance teacher, Lucy, worked with all the Key Stage 2 children teaching them several traditional French folk dances. La Farondole is a community dance performed in an open chain form. It was very popular in the Middle Ages throughout Western Europe and is still performed today in France, especially in the South East of the country. Here are some Year 3 children practising part of the dance.