Our Five Senses

Well what a busy day we have had in Class RY1!  Today we have been exploring our five senses. We first looked at a non fiction book  which explained about each of the senses. The children then enjoyed investigating how we use each of the senses to see, hear, smell, taste and feel. There was lots of fun had and lots of funny faces pulled during our senses experiment.

We especially enjoyed…
Smelling ‘stinky’ vinegar, minty toothpaste and smelly onion.
Tasting salty crisps, minty mints, yummy chocolate, sour lemons and tangy sweets.
Feeling fluffy cotton wool, sticky spaghetti, prickly pine cones and rough bark.
Hearing jingling bells, sloshing water and rattling money.
Looking through colourful kaleidoscopes, coloured plastic, a magnifying glass and different types of mirrors.
Take a sneak peek at our pictures to see for yourself 🙂