Blog Rules (PLEASE READ)

We need to carefully follow these rules to keep us safe:

  1. Don’t write your surname on any post
  2. Only write positive comments, don’t be mean or offensive
  3. No swearing or using rude words
  4. Don’t write your address or any other person’s address or other information
  5. No text talk – please make sure you write in full sentences and check your replies before sending them.
  6. Parents – please be careful not to use pupil surnames or make comments which identify pupil surnames

We need to make sure we stay safe and responsible when using our school blog!

Read more about staying safe on the internet here:

10 thoughts on “BLOG RULES

  1. Hello to everybody at Davyhulme!!! I have just left this amazing school, and would like to thank everybody there, especially Miss Gardner and Mrs Brundrett. I really miss you all!!!

  2. Hi to everybody at Davyhulme Primary!!! I have just left Year 6 and cry every time I think about it!!! I would like to give a big thank you to all the staff there, especially Miss Gardner and Mrs Brundrett who were my Year 6 teachers. I miss you all so much but I know that I have moved on. As the leavers video says: Don`t cry because it`s over, smile because it happened!!!

  3. Hi all. I am age 74. I attended the school from age 5 to11. I have lived in Australia from 1952. I have fond memories of the school; they were the happiest times in my life

  4. Hello everybody… nice to be here I am waiting for insteresting things to learn about the world

    • im happy to be in year 4 am looking forwerd to geting another great teachure
      great school with a great hedmaster

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