A monster of a day with 1Y2

Class 1Y2 were the first class to use our new class set of iPads. The day started by introducing myself to the class and learning the children’s names through the use of ClassDOJO. A previous post had mentioned this as a tool to help with behaviour. I displayed the class on the IWB and let the children choose their own avatars which come in the shape of monsters, which was our focus for the day.

Next we looked at the features of the monsters, eyes, horns, arms, legs, teeth etc. The children then had a chance to draw their own monsters using a pencil and coloured pencils. We then came together and shared some of our examples explaining the different parts to our monsters:

After break, we then discussed some rules we will need to remember to when using the iPads. The children knew they have to be responsible and sensible and follow our rules to make sure we use the iPads sensibly. The children all thought of some super ideas and then were asked to illustrate these on paper. After that, some children filmed others reading their rules on the iPad. We then used iMovie to put the clips together and add text to our films.

Our Class iPad rules from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

After lunch, I showed the class the video. One vital piece of software to do this has been AirServer. This program is installed on your laptop and lets you mirror your iPad onto your IWB through the WiFi and laptop. This was crucial when demonstrating to the class how to use the iPad. Also Dropbox has been invaluable in being able to share files between iPads and laptops.

The first task when using the iPad was to show them where the cameras were and the “lock,” and “home” buttons. I then explained terms such as apps and swipe. Once the children were sat at their desks with the iPads safely on their tables, I set them the task of taking a photo using the camera app. All the children were able to do this and were ready to move on quickly. Their concentration and excitement towards using the iPads meant they were completely engaged in the task and listened carefully to the instructions. I was also pleased to see how many were remembering the rules we had made earlier in the day.

Then we used doodle buddy. I first let the children experiment and play with the app to get used to the different tools. Some good collaboration came into play as some of the children had already used iPads before so were able to help those who were completely new to it. The focus from the children was great, they especially liked the undo button, the ability to get rid of mistakes without ruining their overall picture. Once I felt the children had a fair understanding of the different tools, I handed their monster pictures out from the morning and set them the challenge of recreating their monster on doodle buddy. I was surprised by the quality and likeness of both pictures.

Abby Monsters Maker HD Free Lite To finish the day the children then used a more structured app to create a monster. Abby Monster free allows children to pick different features to create a monster. Again I was more focusing on the children’s ability to find an app and then save their work, however they enjoyed creating their own monsters and were able to save them to the camera roll.

As a busy day came to end, I used the iPad to make a quick audiboo to capture how much of the day the class could remember. This was just more of a test to see whether this would be a good app to use when looking at creating podcasts in the future. All the children seemed to have an enjoyable day and were looking forward to more adventures we would be having using the iPads.