Using iPads to describe each other!

In Literacy, Class 1A have been looking at labels and what they do. They discussed what labels look like, why we use them and what they are for. In class on Tuesday, the children looked at labeling different facial features. We first discussed the different features on a face such as: hair, nose, eyes, mouth etc. We noticed that everyone in the class had all these features so how can we tell each other apart?? The question led us to look at language to describe the different features for example, the colour, the size, the shape and the length.

Our task was to then describe one of our friend’s face. To do this we used our iPads and an app called “Explain Everything,” this is a wonderful app as children can import pictures and films and then record themselves narrating over it while using drawing tools to identify particular part of the picture. This can then be exported as a video file. The possibilities are endless and will become an essential learning tool for children to showcase their understanding. Also is a great teaching tool as lessons can be recorded before class and shared via dropbox so children who are working individually can refer to the video if they are stuck.

It was a huge task having Year 1 children use this app, but I was extremely impressed by how they listened carefully and without too many hiccups were able to use this app to record themselves describing their friends. It was wonderful fun, the children thoroughly enjoyed the task and I was particularly impressed with how helpful they were with each other. Children who may have struggled with following my instructions seemed to have help from other on their table to record themselves. Not many completely finished their videos however I have put two examples together to see what we were trying to achieve.

Class 1A Explain Everything.wmv from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.