Using the iPad to help with Behaviour

Being able to have a tablet to hand while teaching this coming year opens the possibilities to assess, record and note what happens in the class quickly and efficiently. The fact that a quick photo, typed note or voice recording can be captured easily and used later on when helping with APP or other assessments makes it a valuable teaching tool in itself. I have already set up a number of apps that will help with this approach such as:


Explain Everything 

There are others, however from looking at other blogs about how iPads have been used in the classroom these seem the most popular.

Now I am hoping that working in a classroom with a class set of the expensive and brand new iPads will automatically instill a sense of ownership and responsibility from the children. With clear instructions on the necessary attitude needed to handle and use this exciting piece of equipment, I am banking on a sensible and mature response from the children.

I have also recently stumbled across ClassDOJO a website designed to help with behaviour management. What seems quite an interesting and interactive approach could give me a valuable tool to use in the classroom. The idea is that using a laptop, smartphone or tablet you have the class list at your fingertips to reward good behaviour and note bad behaviour too. Reports are then put together for students to view at home and also to keep by the teacher.

Possibly the most interesting appeal is that it is completely free. My only worry is whether it will save on time. I don’t want a program that will eat up valuable lesson time, instead be an aid to help lesson more engaging and rewarding. The program gives the option to share with parents which can be an interesting feature, however one I would only incorporate after a trial to see whether it does indeed engage the children and bring out a positive response. It is shown as a whole class tool but could be used as a behaviour chart for children who are not displaying the correct attitude?? I think it is something I am going to trial so will update once I have given it a whirl. For more information on ClassDOJO click here