Year 5 enjoy getting used to the iPads!

On Wednesday, all the year 5 children got their first experience of using the iPads.

To try and engage all the children in Maths, we used a very popular game “Temple Run,” to help us with our understanding of place value. With one iPad between two the children played the game and accumulated points until they lost. Their score was then written in their book and their partner had to underline a digit in that number, while their partner then had a go, they had to write down the value of that digit and then it is repeated once their partner had finished









So for example if this was the score (on the left.) That was written in their books and then the child would have to say the value of one of the digits e.g: the 2  which is worth 2,000,000. The children absolutely loved this activity as they we given a much more hands on experience and almost forgot that they were learning because they were so enthralled with the game. The game has so much more potential within numeracy lessons. Rounding scores up to the nearest 100, 1000 etc, the distance can be converted from m into km. Children could work out the difference between scores. I’m sure that the children would love to use other games to help with their learning in Numeracy and there is so much more with this game.

Both classes then had a look at getting more comfortable at using the iPads by using the app Pic Collage to make an “All about me,” poster. This app is superb and so easy to use to build a collage about any subject. Children also learn some crucial skills for using the iPad such as taking photos, adding text, clipping pictures, making things bigger/smaller, over lapping and rotating.

A great tool in this app is the integrated web search which makes it so much easier to add pictures from the web. The only problem is making sure that children are safe and only search appropriate material as  I believe it uses something similar to google image search so does pose potential risks. However the children thoroughly enjoyed building posters about themselves, their hobbies, friends and things they enjoy. In the future this would be a great activity for a topic cover or evaluation of a topic.Here are some examples of our ‘All about me posters’:

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  1. i really enjoyed making pic collages. There also fun and easy to make!

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