100 word challenge by Emma

I had just gone in to my room when I saw a treasure box. Scared,worried and frightened I opened the box making all the glitter fall off. Then I stood face to face with a thing . I heard a loud sound and I cried out loud. What is that ? My legs trembled and my Heart pounded as I looked around my now dark and black bedroom. The thing in the box started to boogie and I felt as shiver go down my spine. I felt as if I was shrinking. I was floating away from home. Help please help! 

4 thoughts on “100 word challenge by Emma

  1. I just did a comment but there was no where for my name! I am Mrs Halford Team 100WC 🙂

  2. Hi Emma, some great description in your 100WC piece. You have great ideas; next time be sure to read and check before you submit as there are some parts that don’t quite make sense.
    I wondered how you knew it was a treasure box and how it came to be in your room…
    Keep on writing

  3. Hello Emma, thankyou for your 100 WC entry! Your story was full of suspence and ended on a brilliant cliff hanger! ‘My legs trembled and my heart pounded’ I love the way you described your emotions so that the audience could feel it too! Well done, keep writing!

  4. I love it Emma i love your endinhg with a short sentence!!:]

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