100 Word Challenge By Harriet And Liz

It was quite a sunny day actually but we insisted on going to the aquarium! As we drove there, I saw a bright orange poster advertising the wonderful aquarium we were on our way to. While we were there me and my sister saw lots of tropical, exotic fish however the turtles were the funny ones! After a while we waved goodbye to the ancient sea creatures and walked along the pavement back to the car. After a long day I think we were all ready to go home. However, I really enjoyed every second of the day! I loved it!

By Harriet And Liz

One thought on “100 Word Challenge By Harriet And Liz

  1. I really like the 100 word challenge because it is very creative. Like you I wish are school could have a Roald Dahl day because I like how you dressed as umppalumpers.

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