100 Word Challenge By Harriet

Trip To A Haunted Manor

I didn’t believe in ghosts then. Do you?

As I walked through the long corridoor it became strangly icey cold. Tap tap tap, I could only hear my own footsteps. The beady eyed paintings, still, staring. There was a strange uncomfortable feeling that night.

In a flash, I saw a shadow, in the corner of my eye. I did, I really did, I wasn’t dreaming. The room infront was drawing closer and as I approached the door, “What is that?” I saw something move, although no windows were open nor even the door.I ran. I ran for my life…



One thought on “100 Word Challenge By Harriet

  1. That was a fantastic it really put me on the edge of my seat please do another one!!!!! You are a real star

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