100 word challenge! by Megan

I was sat in the classroom daydreaming at the door with the windows open and the blinds shut  . Suddenly Miss Gardener comes in and says something about scrabble club, we were in science using are thermometers when it was 28oc are science books were being handed out .Mrs Wickstone was writing the date and learning challenge when the temperature dropped suddenly and everyone was shaking Mrs Wickstone had her coat on and all of a sudden the windows were shut ,the blinds were open Mrs Wickstone didn’t even make one single move.It all ended with 0ne big ,massive,creepy bang…





One thought on “100 word challenge! by Megan

  1. Hi Megan, I’m Siobhan from the 100WC team.
    Woo creepy ending, I like it. Keep up the good work on the 100WC 🙂

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