100 word challenge Ole Y6A

It was the night before Halloween and all of the children were getting excited!  Everyone had to make a spooktacular costume. The boys wanted to dress up as Dracula and the girls were going as witches. Who would win first prize for the best costume? Who would be runners up? What ever happens it was going to be a great night with lots of fun and spooky things! Finally the day arrived, school went so fast, slowly the sky got darker and it was time, time to get dressed up, time to go back to school, time for the Halloween Disco!

3 thoughts on “100 word challenge Ole Y6A

  1. Ole, I love the word ‘Spooktacular’ in this piece and the way you used some questions in the middle of the writing. Perhaps to make your writing even better you could have included more detail about the costumes people were planning to wear. I really enjoyed reading it, though, and wish I was going to the Halloween Disco too!

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