My 100 word challenge

I lookd around. What is that? It sounded like a dinosaur but it was too small to be one. My hand shook,and a shiver went down my spine. It started to roar again but this time louder. What should I do? Help I screamed but nobody came. I was face to face with my worst nightmare. It started to walk closer to me . I screamed again. A single tear ran down my cold face.My teeth began to chatter. The thing started to sit down as if it was at home. I was on my own with the scariest creature alive. I was so scared.

2 thoughts on “My 100 word challenge

  1. hi lauren I loved how at the end you used a short sentence and you used great vocabulary well done 10/10

  2. I really like this Lauren. I want to find out what it is. That is what makes your writing really good and exciting. You make people want to read more, which is great when it comes to writing stories. Just remember to add speech marks into your writing where needed. Keep this up! It’s really engaging and fun for readers. Well done!

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