My 100wc ( why grandparents are important)

Grandparents are the greatest people on Earth. Why? Because they know stories from the past, they always have the biscuit tin waiting for you the minute you step through the door, they make you feel loved and safe. They play with you and joke about, they tuck you in at night when you stay over and treat you to your every need. They buy you book and comic from the shop and every time you leave there house you leave it with a smile  That’s why I love my grandparents so much. Why do you like yours?

By Lauren 🙂

7 thoughts on “My 100wc ( why grandparents are important)

  1. A lovely story lauren that is true grandparents are wonderful and loving I love mine because my grandad says phrases and my nana just is funny when she doesnt mean so yes a very good story

  2. Try putting in more puncuation
    ! the story base is very intresting.
    ! its extremly swet

  3. It was a good piece of writing but it would help if you put the prompt in there

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