NEW 100 Word Challenge!

WorldVision logo 300x86 Week#12

As you will all know I’m sure, there has been a terrible disaster in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Whole towns have been destroyed and thousands of people have died. Many children will have lost their homes and parents.

The Disasters  Emergency Committee here in the UK has set up an appeal to raise funds to help. World Vision is a charity that is working with the DEC and they have set up a project called ‘Bottles of Hope’. This is an appeal for people to fill a water bottle with coins and send them what they save.

They have been in touch with 100WC and have asked if we can help. They know that words of support can really make a difference to people who are having a really rough time so this week’s prompt is to write:

A Letter in a Bottle

Send some encouragement and hope to those children in the Phillipines so that they have the strength and courage to carry one. As usual, it is only to be 100 words long.

You may want to read some other children’s efforts before writing your own and you can do so by visiting this link – 100 Word Challenge Week 12.