New 100 Word Challenge

Here is the Night Zoo Keeper to tell you about the last prompt for 2012! :

Well hello everybody! I hope you are well. I must say that you are all looking particularly intelligent today! I can see that 100 words are ready to spill from your mouths as easily as ink from a pen, or jam from a doughnut.

I’m the Night Zookeeper and if you don’t know me, well that means you missed my last 100 Word Challenge! (Link) If you did, fear not! For I have another challenge for you. Interested? Well then you better read on!

Last night, as I journeyed through my zoo caring for the many magical animals that live here, I spotted a number of strange objects. I found a bag, a comb, a mirror, an underwater car and even a bowling ball. I drew pictures of them using my magica lDrawing Torch and I have saved my drawings for you to check out below. 

Can you help me work out what each object is and whom it might belong to? Is it Jeff the Forgetful Elephant’s bowling ball, which can grow as big as a football stadium? Is the bag bottomless and does it belong to Writing Dap, an animal that delivers the zoo’s mail?

Good luck and remember that you must venture deep into your imagination in order to succeed!

The Night Zookeeper

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