The Big Runaway by Marcus 100 Word Challenge

That very night I left the house. If your wondering what I’m talking about this is how it all started.That night I had to leave I no choice.The night I ran away it was Halloween  I ran and ran and ran till I came to a like a little fair there was a model it looked like a scary haunted building. Then I noticed the temperature dropped suddenly and that there was a man peeking out he shouted “who are you” then he came closer and closer then he said “go away or I will chase after you”he ran after me. I ran for my life I fell he grabbed me what should I do……..

2 thoughts on “The Big Runaway by Marcus 100 Word Challenge

  1. Wow Marcus this is a very atmospheric piece of writing. It is coming up to Halloween and this has a really scary feel to it. I like how you asked the reader a question at the end. To improve your work, you could think about how to punctuate your speech even more (try adding a question mark if it is a question or separating speech with full stops or commas.

    Great ideas though. Keep it up.
    Mrs Prior Team 100WC

  2. Hi marcus
    i enjoyed reading about the fairif you had moore than 100 words that would be a good start to a story

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