The dark shadow by Katie

Standing there in the mist a black shadow stood in a destroyed village. I ran through the forest next to the broken down house. I stopped to catch my breath when a twig snapped behind me and a heavy breath ripped up the hairs on the back of my neck. I immediately turned around to see nothing but a large tree and a little bird. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I tried to plot my way home but I could sense that home was far. The shadow came closer I tried to breath slow, what was it???

5 thoughts on “The dark shadow by Katie

  1. Wow Katie,that was amazing what a very clever girl you are, it sent shivers down my back.We are very proud of you xxxx

  2. This is a great story, Very descriptive, great imagination… I want to read more!

  3. Hi Katie. I’m Angie and I’m in Year 6 at Roseville College. I am also taking part in the 100 Word Challenge.
    I really like your post because it painted a really interesting picture in my mind and made me want to read on!
    Keep blogging,
    from Angie

  4. Wow! Can I say that again? Wow! I loved this 100 word challenge Katie. Your writing created suspense and I could almost feel the hairs on the back of MY neck standing. The breath ripping up the hairs on the back of your neck is very descriptive. Great job!

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