The cabin 100wc by Alicia

I knew  i shouldn’t of come here.The warning said it all.As I walked along the leafy trail twigs snapped behind me I couldn’t help but feel like someone was following me and I just couldn’t think what it is? SNAP!!! I froze to the spot I felt an icy cold breath on my shoulder. I ran as fast as I could I was surrounded by a pack of wolves there was a huge wall around one small cabin.The Wolves looked very hungry what is that I said aloud I was petrified .Although I was scared I ran in the cabin CRASH HEY I knew it.

2 thoughts on “The cabin 100wc by Alicia

  1. What an exciting entry for the 100wc you have written this week Alicia! You have used some great vocabulary and made your story really action packed too. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this Alicia, it captivated me, I want to read more.

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