The Haunted Mansion By Eleanor

One day in a gigantic mansion there was a little girl called Jessica who didn’t want to be rich and never took anything of anybody else! One night she went in the tunnel that leads to her bedroom. STAMP STAMP STAM!!!!!!!!! Who is that? No one is there? She dared to turn. One step at a time. A dark, shadow engulfed Jessica. She ran! Ran for her life… ” Jessica” her mother shouted. “what are you doing down there?” That was the last that was seen of her. That following day was the funeral. Jessica didn’t go anywhere near her bedroom!

2 thoughts on “The Haunted Mansion By Eleanor

  1. Helen
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    WOW this is amazing you could be a wrighting sensation but just cheak your spelling to make it even better welldone for using ajectivs
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  2. WOW can i say that again WOW i love your 100 word challenge GREAT!:]

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