There it was? 100WC by Ella

I was playing in my garden. My mum shouted me in for tea. I eat my tea really fast so I could carry on playing in my back garden then all of a sudden I heard a big bang! I shut all the windows and all the doors. After a minutes our so I open front door and cuck a little along the road then I heard it again bang! It was muth louder this time.I was very brave I just carried on walking along the one mile road. I brought a backpack with my just in case. What is that?

3 thoughts on “There it was? 100WC by Ella

  1. Hi Ella,
    This is a brilliant 100 word challenge, you must be very happy with it! It’s full of imagination and really makes the reader want to keep reading on! I especially like how you have used the prompt at the end of your writing, this adds a lot of suspense! Make sure that you check your spelling next time. Looking forward to reading more of your 100 word challenges. Well done! 🙂

  2. Hello my name is katie and I go to shoreham village school not by sea I rilly like your story
    Well done

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