Haunted shock by Ionie

I glared in shock wondering what it was I was about to scream,but I kept it to myself.Terrified,horrified,petrified,I was determined to go In there what was it?My feet felt as frozen as Ice!!!The mysterious weather  was turning to be an iceberg day.Suddenly,it turned pitch black,in a flash wolves came bounding out,they went after me like a bolt of lightning running for me.I was about to go there but I couldn’t go in there,I just couldn’t. The black night was telling me to go in there i then  pushed the door open I ran back out of there like a cheetah!I ran…

3 thoughts on “Haunted shock by Ionie

  1. Hi Ionie
    This is a great piece of writing, full of descriptive language, with your words carefully chosen to create a feeling of tension and suspense. I like the way you end your story with an ellipsis – I wonder what happens next? Well done.

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