Alex’s Description of the Big, Bad Wolf

The Big, Bad Wolf is the size of a horse and he is as cunning as fox! He is a dark, shadowy figure and he has beaming, red eyes like fire! The creature has a dark tail like a brush and he has black, spiky ears. He is evil because he attempts to eat Little Red Riding Hood and eats her Grandmother! The wolf is very hard to track because he climbs up trees and he always checks his paws for mud. He does not have the time for bird watching, fishing or swimming because he is always on the move. He will do anything to eat Little Red Riding Hood up! Would you like to meet him?

Well done Alex! I really like the detail that you have included in this. You deserve to be one of our ‘goal scorers’ of the week. Well done for extending some of your sentences by using connectives and for ending with a question to pull your reader in. You  are a talented writer! Miss Brookes.