Aliens invade Davyhulme!!!!

Today Year 3 used some Augmented Reality to inspire some creative writing.

Using the app String, they brought to life an alien in the classroom. The app string has four different trigger images that when scanned bring to life four different objects. Today year 3 brought little aliens into the classroom. They were amazed to see these funny tiny creatures appear on their desks and move around the classroom. I asked the children to take photographs of the alien to later use with their writing.

Once I had hooked the class, it was time to get the children writing. We used the slow writing technique to really get the children thinking about what they write rather than how much.

This was the set of instructions we used for our work:

year 3 alien


We then worked as a class to write a paragraph about our visitors. Once the children had written their paragraphs they were given time to look at a thesaurus, check and edit their work. Once they were happy with their finished efforts they used iMovie to narrate over their pictures.

The finished films were great and it was a great opportunity for children to showcase their oral reading skills as well as their writing skills.

Here are some of the children’s efforts:

Aliens invade Davyhulme from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.


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  1. Nice! I really like it because they look 3d. How did you do them?

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