Angry Bird Comics

Class 4B today made some fantastic comics combining different apps and using their pictures made from last week’s lesson.
The story of the comic was left fairly open all that was asked is that the Angry Birds were attacking our school. How? Why? and what happened was left for the children to think about.

The task wasn’t the easiest and tested plenty of different skills. Children had to download their pictures from last week from Dropbox and save them into the photo library.

Next, the children had to create any other pictures using Pic Collage. Pic collage allows you to easily clip a photo so that you can add other objects or backgrounds into the picture. I have used this method before with Year 5 and you can see examples here.

After the children had made all their pictures they then used the app Comic Life to put their comics together. This is a fantastic app with so many different tools and options, children can design their own comics or use a template. They can add titles, text, speech bubbles and change and format the text and colour scheme.

Here are our efforts:

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