Class 1Y2 and 1A become Authors!!!

The children in class 1Y2 and 1A have started to make their own eBooks. Linking with our topic “Knowing me Knowing you,” the children made their own ebooks using the app “My Story.”

We first discussed our favourite books and how books are very important to hold memories, give us information of the past and help us to learn about many things. We briefly looked at how some religions also have some very special books.

We then discussed the different forms we find books and how now we can get books electronically – eBooks. We had a look at some eBooks and how along with pictures and text they can also have audio.

The My Story app is a child friendly app, where children can add text, pictures (either from the camera or drawn using the in app tool) and audio. We decided to focus on adding pictures and recording ourselves, describing each other as we started to make our own eBooks. The focus was to try and describe yourself and what you look like. As a class we made a Class 1Y2 book and a Class 1A

You can read our 1Y2 book here.

You can read our 1A book here

To make sure you have the right software for an eBook please visit here.

Here are some examples of the eBooks we made today:

Class 1Y2 Example 1

Class 1Y2 Example 2

Class 1Y2 Example 3

Class 1A Example 1

Class 1A Example 2

Class 1A Example 3

Class 1A Example 4