Class 5B become Authors

mzi.xgxvkslb.175x175 75 Epic Citadel ArtOver the past few weeks Class 5B have been using the app “Epic Citadel,” in Literacy. You can see some of their previous work here:

Epic Citadel Word Clouds

Creating an effective opening

Augmented Reality – Bringing our writing to life

In last week’s lesson and today, the children used the app “Book Creator,” to create their own eBook stories about the world of Epic Citadel.

This is the first time I have used the app and I have to say it is unbelievably good. The children loved all the different features that were available and found the app straightforward and easy to use. To see a quick demonstration of the app watch the video below:

I had to explain to the children how eBooks are now becoming very popular due to the popularity of devices such as iPads and kindles. I then went on to explain how an eBook can include more than a traditional book with pictures, hyperlinks, videos and audio. The app allows the children to include all these features which really ignites the creativity of the class. They can improve their stories by using sound effects, different colours and fonts and other interesting tools.

The children used their opening videos from a previous lesson to start their stories – see them here. We then discussed what life was like when the kingdom was full of life. The children them saved some screenshots from the app to then describe what would be happening when people lived in the kingdom.

We then discussed why there was no life there anymore? What could have happened that would kill the population but leave every building completely untouched. With the medieval theme to the app, it was suggested that we think of a disease/plague that could have wiped the population out.

After giving some time for the children to research the great plague, we stumbled across the story of Eyam. A city which lost most of its population due to the plague however decided to put a ring of stones around the village to stop the plague spreading. This led to a great discussion about whether that was the right thing to do.

We then used the app Fotobooth 10 in 1 to create some pictures of people with the plague. This was real fun, the children used the diet booth to thin their face, sunburn booth to redden the face and then the pimple booth to give the affect of nasty facial wounds. The finished pictures looked great and inspired the children to really write in detail the symptoms of the plague.

Here is an example of how we turned ourselves into plague ridden villagers:

2013-02-11 10.54.09 2013-02-11 10.56.06









The final books were fantastic and the app has become one of my favourites. The potential is incredible and you will sure to be seeing plenty of other examples of us using the Book Creator app. Here is an example of one of the stories and how using book creator added a different dimension to the story.

An Example of the eBook based on Epic Citadel from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

 To read our efforts download the stories from this folder and enjoy them on your tablets:



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    We really like how you used the app “Epic Citadel” to write your narrative pieces of writing. It’s really cool to see you turn your writing into an E-book. We are going to try this on our iPads now!
    Thank you for this great idea.
    Room 7
    Vardon school

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