Class RY1 use the iPads to help with Literacy and Numeracy

Class RY1 have been using the iPads to help them with their Art, Literacy and Numeracy this week.


First we started by using the app “doodle buddy,” to make some funny and unusual self portraits. The children used the camera to take photos of themselves before adding some hilarious features to “improve” their portraits.

To help us get used to the iPads and using “gentle fingers,” we practised our counting using the ‘Ladybird Count’ app. A simple app that shows the number of spots on a ladybird and the children put that number of fingers on the iPad. We then looked at how many more we would need to add to get to 10.

In letters and sounds, we used ‘Twinkl, phonics suite’ app to help us with understand our phonics and sounds better. The app lets up practice our phases with different games and challenges. Today’s challenge was to play the buried treasure game. We had to choose a coin and sound out the word and decide whether it makes a real word or a nonsense word. It was fun trying to get the highest score and we were able to practise some of our blends and apply or learning into a fun and challenging game. It was a really fun day and we are looking forward to our next learning challenge with the iPads.