Finally finishing our Literacy Football project!

After missing out on their lesson last week, Year 5 were eager to finally complete their football projects. Having the children once a week has meant that this project hasn’t been as continuous as I would have liked however the children were still keen to pick it up from where they left off.

To read about the previous lessons click here for:

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Today it was all about using the ideas from previous lessons, the engagement through using the iPads and all the speaking and listening exercises to now put pen to paper and write up the match report.

I decided that rather than write the whole match report, I would have a go at some Slow Writing. Slow Writing is a process I was made aware of through a recent TeachMeet and encourages the children to really slow down the whole writing process to really focus on short quality piece of writing by trying to follow particular instructions. To read more about slow writing click here.

Using this weblink,  it provides a six sentence generator to guide the children and instruct them of the type of sentence they need to write. This really challenge the children but made them really aware of how to vary their writing and re-arrange ideas to fit the sentence.

I put each child back with their partner and grouped them with another pair to make a group of four. Using a copy of the notes made from the previous session, I split the match into four parts: introduction, first half, second and conclusion. Each child was then giving a section and a generated slow writing guideline. The children then had to follow the slow writing instructions to carefully construct each sentence so that it complies with the instruction but also retells the match. A tough challenge indeed! However one the children relished having been so engaged in the activity! Here are the slow writing guidelines:

Once all the children had finished they then put all the parts of their group together to make a complete report!

Here are some examples, I have purposefully included more boys to show the impact this focus has had on them:

The best team in the league, City, have waited all week for this match! I can see two changes: Kolorov and Silva. Next here come the soldiers. As it is Remembrance day this fantastic football ground is turning in to a remembering stadium. I feel very sad. The soldiers are like statues during the silence. Proudly, the soldiers walk from the pitch and the game began.
Will Manchester City stay top of the Premier League? Tottenham Hotspur break on the counter attack. The pressure continues, the crowd go wild!! Spurs win a free kick, Lennon whips it in and CAULKER finishes!!! 1-0 to Spurs! City try to control the game, anxious Aguero tries to get in the penalty area, claims for a handball of the defender but the ref says NO!

Quickly City try to claim a penalty again as Huddlestone block Zabelleta. Lucky, happy and confident, Tevez had a great chance to score but kicked the ball straight at the goal keeper, that made Mancini feel frustrated. Soon the second half starts (after the whistle had blown.) Aguero beats the offside trap, but loses control of the ball. The midfield work like busy bees. This leads to Aguero having the ball in the box, turns on his left and scores a super equaliser!
Spurs try to get back in as Bale runs up the line, takes a shot which curls into the right hand corner and a great save by Hart. City continue to run up the line as Silva runs past, tries to cross but it is cut out for a corner. Silva takes the corner, finds Dzeko but his header just misses the post. Now city are running up the pitch again and a lovely one two by Silva means Dzeko has a chance and secures the three points for City!

Oliver, John, Louie and Jabin.


What a marvelous match we have for you today! It is the 10th November therefore we will have a minute silence. I wonder what suprising super spectacular game this will be. The crowd cheering loudly when Scholes came on. The crowd were like a pack of elephants. Quickly, the players ran onto the pitch ready to start.
Will Manchester United come out of top as they start the game? Aston Villa create some glorious chances therefore look like they will take the lead. Skilfully, Aston Villa are tearing Manchester United apart, Benteke is running down the right, cleverly uses his strength to leave Smalling on the floor, he crosses to Weiman whose shot rockets into the net! He must feel like he is in heaven, 1-0! The Aston Villa manager is jumping up and down happily while Sir Alex is angry at the poor performance of his team.

Skilfully, Manchester United start the second half well. Speedy, sleek and invisible Weiman scores a brace from nowhere! Manchester United (who have brought on Hernandez) are angry! How can they score three goals now? Then like an angel Hernandez, the United sub, scored twice. United back in the game!
Who would want to miss this exciting, energetic, mouthwatering match! The crowd were so energetic consequently pushing Manchester United to that winner. United were wonderfully winning everything. The cracking cross from Rooney was met by Van Persie with a cracking header that shudders the crossbar. Like a scene from a film, United win a free kick which was taken by Van Persie he takes an ecstatic cross, come into Chicarito with a diving header into the corner, 3-2! Unbelievably, Manchester United were able to come back and win!

Niamh, Brandon, Nathan and Marcus

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I could share many more examples! I was so impressed by the quality of all the children’s work. Their focused approach meant that they really considered carefully the type of sentence they need to write. The idea is that through using the slow writing technique the children build a bank of sentences so that during a longer writing session they consider more carefully their approach to each sentence. I think it is a wonderful idea and one that will have a real impact on the children’s writing.