Generating vocabulary about Angry Birds.

Miss Wild’s class today started using the iPads in their literacy lessons and are using the popular game, Angry Birds, as a focus for their writing.

Today the children focused on generating ideas and vocabulary about the different birds to then use later when writing stories.

The children started by playing the game with a distinct focus on the way the birds move, what they look like and how they act.

The children then used all write round robin to generate a list of ideas and words to describe the birds and the way they move. They then used the Dictionary app and used the thesaurus to look at better words to use.

The app is a fantastic tool to have handy whenever you are doing any sort of writing activity as it has a built in predictive text feature that helps children who are unsure of the spelling and also an in depth thesaurus which is great for generating different and interesting vocabulary.

Skitch app icon 150x150 Temple Run Character Descriptions!We used the app Skitch to annotate pictures and note different ideas and descriptive phrases we had generated. The app allows you to highlight and annotate, pictures, text, maps or webpages. It is a great app for children to use as a visual aid and reference to it when they are writing their stories. Children were able to group the different types of description by using different colours and also point to different parts of the picture. Here are some of our efforts:

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  1. We think you are lucky to be able to play with iPad in school–do you get to play everyday?
    We think it’s a great idea to use games like Angry birds to work on Literacy, your mind maps look great. What other games have you used in school?

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