Generating Wow words about Angry Birds!

Today in Literacy Class 3A, used Angry Birds to generate some exciting vocabulary. As the children will be doing some writing about the game over the coming weeks, I wanted to provide an opportunity to generate a word bank that they can refer during this topic.

We first started by playing the game, children were asked to work in pairs. While one played a level the other thought of words to describe the birds, they way they move and the end product from playing. They then use rally robin to note some initial ideas words such as: flying, angry, crash, boom, destruction. Children were then asked to use the app and its thesaurus feature to look for more interesting and varied words. app Temple Run Vocabulary Word Clouds

The app is a fantastic tool to have handy whenever you are doing any sort of writing activity as it has a built in predictive text feature that helps children who are unsure of the spelling and also an in depth thesaurus which is great for generating different and interesting vocabulary.


As a class we then put together a word cloud of all our ideas. For more examples of Word Clouds click here. Each child had to contribute to the word cloud and we discussed the meaning of some of the words children were unsure about.

2013-01-16 11.16.18

The children then had to use some of these words to create typography pictures of the Angry Birds. They used the app “Type Drawing,” to create their pictures. The app is superb at linking art with literacy and can be used in so many different ways.

The children had to use a different key word for the different birds. For Red = angry, Chuck = speed/flying and Bomb/Matilda = the landing.

Here are some of the efforts, I think you will agree that they have a really good effect:

We are looking forward to more writing using some of the wonderful vocabulary we have discovered today.