Interactive Traditional Tale Comics

Today class 2A had a fun filled morning, creating some fantastic interactive comics. The class has this week been focusing on Traditional Tales, as well as looking at punctuating direct speech.

To help them develop this further, the children created a comic strip of a traditional tale, adding speech bubbles and by using the iPad were able to fill the speech bubbles with videos of the children acting as the characters. This really helped develop the children’s understanding of how to describe the reporting clause. They were able to see how everything the character says including any punctuation, goes inside the speech bubble, therefore inside the speech marks. It also showed how well the children understood the story if they could act in character.

2 thoughts on “Interactive Traditional Tale Comics

  1. I am very interested in knowing which apps you used to make these fantastic projects. Please email me and let me know.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! Can you tell me which app or software you used for the comic portion? I recognize ThingLink but would love to know whatever else is needed to reproduce this activity. This is amazing!!!

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