Joseph’s Super Story – Year 5

Quickly, I ran through the mysterious forest to run to safety. At last, I found a tree! I tried to climb it but the tree was too slippery so I needed to find a better spot. All of a sudden, it grabbed me! I didn’t know what to do so I just screamed, ‘Help! Where are you taking me?’ I whimpered. Seconds later, it started to drag me away into a dark cave where all I could see were two, red eyes!

Suddenly, it came into my head! My video game! It was the same as my video game! All I needed to do was to avoid getting bitten. In horror, I realised that it was going to bite me! As it bit me, I fell asleep. When I woke up, everything was upside down… I tried to run but I was paralysed. All I could do was limp until I saw that my skin was turning green – the same colour as the thing that dragged me into the cave!  At once, I realised that I was turning into the very thing that had bitten me!

This is part of Joseph’s story…what was so impressive was that Joseph literally couldn’t STOP writing! He even wanted to continue writing during his lunchtime! Well done Joseph for being such an enthusiastic writer!

2 thoughts on “Joseph’s Super Story – Year 5

  1. Very impressed with my son’s work here what a good imagination, I wish I could read the rest. Well done Joseph. Julie

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