Kensuke’s Kingdom Comics

As year 5’s topic is the book “Kensuke’s Kingdom,” we decided to show what we can remember from the story so far. We had only read about half the book so we thought we would sum up the story so far in a comic strip.

We started by selecting 5 of the most important parts of the story so far. We then had to photograph someone playing the part of Michael and other characters. Once we had our five pictures. We then used the app ‘Pic Collage‘ to edit them. We have used this app before and it is a super app to mix and edit photos. One of the best features is the clipping tool,  after adding a photo you can carefully cut around the object so that it can be added to another background or photo. This tool meant that the children were able to transport themselves into the world of Kensuke’s kingdom. We walked to the infants and used the boat in the EYFS play area to take photos of the “Peggy Sue.” Along with our other photos we could clip them in pic collage and add other characters and backgrounds like so:









These were edited to look like this:









This was an excellent exercise and one that gave children the freedom to be really creative. Some of the pictures were superb and really showed the children’s understanding and their imagination. Once we had all our five pictures edited we then used the app “Comic Life,” to put our comic together. This app is a fairly easy to use and child friendly app to design comics and potentially other types of text such as newspaper and adverts. There are quite a few templates to follow and options to add speech bubbles, text and titles. Working in pairs children started to put their comics together. As 5B had more time in the afternoon they managed to finish their comics, however 5A will need to finish their comics next week. The bright, colourful designs really left the children with a sense of pride about their work.

At the end of the lesson we discussed what we had applied to get these comics completed, we recognised that it was a real cross curricular exercise:

  • They had managed to empathise with a character through pictures,
  • show a solid understanding of the events within a story,
  • use their ICT skills to design a comic and edit photos
  • demonstrate their literacy skills by editing their comics.
Here are some of our finished comics (Click to enlarge):

Kensuke’s kingdom comics from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.