Lost and Found Comics

For the past couple of weeks class 2A have been using some of the amazing Oliver Jeffers books as a focus in Literacy. Today they used the iPads to help them create a comic of one of their favourite stories – Lost and Found.

After reading the book and watching the short film, they compared both versions and then wrote their own version. To consolidate this learning, they then create comics retelling the story.

They first used the app Pic Collage to create 4/5 screenshots from the story. They had to become the characters themselves and clip around the pictures to create their own interpretations of the story.

This helped them further develop understanding of the character as they had to think carefully about how the character would be feeling at that point and how this would be reflected in his facial expressions.

Once all the pictures were created, they then used the app comic life to design their own comic strip. They added their pictures, a title, speech bubbles and some text to help retell the story.

It was a great way to get the children to think more creatively about how they can share a story. The children worked exceptionally hard to get their comics finished in the one lesson. Please have a read of some of their efforts and leave us some feedback about whether you enjoyed them!


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  1. Fantastic job everyone, keep up the great work.

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