Miss Brookes’ Goal Scorers of the Week

Miss Brookes had another very difficult job selecting the goal scorers for this week’s piece of Big Writing. The children had to write an alternative version of the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Here are some extracts from the stories of some of our super writers in 2B.

‘Little Red Riding Hood was bursting with anger!..After eating several cakes, she fell asleep by an old, oak tree. ‘ by Amelia.

‘Once upon a time, there lived a mean, selfish girl called Little Red Riding Hood because she always wore red.’ by Mia.

‘After five minutes of arguing, she finally agreed. She scowled really badly and hurt her throat.’ by Isobel.

‘Little Red Riding Hood trudged through the windy, wild woods.’ by Lara.

‘In the soul of the forest, a wicked wolf lived with fur as dark as the night sky.’ by Lola.

Eventually, Little Red Riding Hood trudged through the pitch, black forest. Suddenly, she met a Big, Friendly Wolf who had teeth like razor blades and yellow fiery eyes!’ by Charlie.