Researching on the iPad

The year 5 topic this term is based around the Michael Morpurgo book, “Kensuke’s Kingdom.” In Literacy, we decided to do some research on the author, Michael Morpurgo.

I had provided the children with a sheet with different QR codes, linking to specific websites and videos about the author. This gave us the first chance to use QR codes. Before the children used the scan app, we had to note what we already knew and wanted to find out specifically. We used the KWL grid from the app “Tools for Students,” a super app with loads of templates to help when planning  different pieces of writing. The children started by noting what they already know, then what they wanted to know. They then flipped between this and the ‘scan’ app to scan the QR codes and copy any relevant information into the “what they have learned,” column.









Once the children had researched and answered their questions they completed their KWL grid. Many copied paragraphs from websites, so next lesson we will concentrate on finding the most important facts that we can use to trim down our KWL grid. The plan is to then use the app “Explain Everything,” to make an informative video about the author, Michael Morpurgo. Stay tuned for that….. until then here are some of our KWL grids: