Slow Writing with Year 5!!

Year 5 showed themselves to be very talented writers today. They experimented with ‘Slow Writing’ which encourages the children to focus on the QUALITY of what they write, rather than the QUANTITY. During this activity, the children had to write a story in a very structured manner. They had to write every sentence exactly as instructed – for example: sentence 1 had to start with an adverb; sentence two had to end with an exclamation mark etc. The children worked exceptionally hard and produced some excellent work. Most impressive of all was their enthusiasm for writing. At the end of the session, Alice said,’ I never knew I could write like that!’. That really says it all…. Have a read of some of the children’s work below:

By Amy

Quickly, I dashed under the cobweb covered bed. I couldn’t breathe! My heart was pounding so fast that anyone would have thought that I had been running a fifteen hour race! Please Lord, help me! Strangely, there was a mirror under the bed and the moon was shining brightly – that gave me an idea. Suddenly, I shone the mirror onto the moon; it acted like a torch. I screamed, I tried to run but only banged my head. The mirror had no reflection. All I could see were two, red eyes…


By Louis

Suddenly, I heard a screech. A hand grabbed me and held my foot tight! I hit it. It dragged me under my bed! Quickly, I crawled away but scared, startled and frightened, I got pulled under my bed… All I could see were two, red eyes!


By Maisie

Quickly, I ran along the jagged, rocky path. I looked down, I was on the edge of an old, crumbly cliff! I stepped back. The waves went crash, forcing a piece of rock off the cliff! Cautiously, I edged back. Seconds later, I bumped into a tall, meaty, strange thing… What was it? I looked up. All I could see were two, red eyes…

3 thoughts on “Slow Writing with Year 5!!

  1. i really enjoyed this lesson and was very proud of my writing.

  2. What impressive writing. I like the way the sentences vary in lengthy to create suspense and pace In the writing.

  3. What impressive writing! You have all used fantastic words that have added excitement and tension to your writing. Well done Maisie, Louis and Amy! Super work!

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